Games List - Legacy Titles

Total Titles in database: 140   (add 3 Xonox Double Ender Cartridges)

Description: These are all the unique titles released between the years 1982 to 1986. These are basically all the officially released titles that ended up on the marketplace in one form or another. This list does NOT include the three (3) Xonox Double Ender cartridges, however the games are listed individually below since they were released in single cart form.

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All Legacy (1982-86) Homebrew (1996-Present) Homebrew ROM Only (1996-Present) Prototype

Name Publisher Year Rarity LooseRarity In Box Screenshots Videos
Name Publisher Year Rarity LooseRarity In Box Screenshots Videos
2010: The Graphic Action Game        Coleco - CBS19844631
Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress        Telegames19856851
Alphabet Zoo        Spinnaker Software19846761
Amazing Bumpman        Telegames19868981
Antarctic Adventure        Coleco - CBS19844641
Aquattack          Interphase19847951
Artillery Duel        Xonox19835761
B.C.'s Quest for Tires          Sierra On-Line19834651
B.C.'s Quest for Tires II: Grog's Revenge        Sierra On-Line19845651
Beamrider        Activision19833531
Blockade Runner        Interphase19845831
Boulder Dash        Telegames19848941
Brain Strainers          Coleco - CBS19844541
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom        Coleco - CBS19833571
Bump'n Jump        Coleco - CBS19844661
BurgerTime        Coleco - CBS19843651
Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show        Coleco - CBS19845771
Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventures in the Park        Coleco - CBS19845641
Campaign '84        Sunrise Software19836871
Carnival        Coleco - CBS19821231
Centipede        Atarisoft19832361
Choplifter!        Coleco - CBS19845741
Chuck Norris Superkicks        Xonox19835751
Congo Bongo        Coleco - CBS19844541
Cosmic Avenger        Coleco - CBS19821241
Cosmic Crisis        Bit Corporation1983101041
Dam Busters, The        Coleco - CBS19844781
Dance Fantasy        Fisher-Price19845721
Decathlon, The Activision        Activision19833561
Defender        Atarisoft19833441
Destructor        Coleco - CBS19843531
Donkey Kong          Coleco - CBS19821841
Donkey Kong, Jr.        Coleco - CBS19831231
Dr. Seuss' Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler        Coleco - CBS19844561
Dragonfire        Imagic19845751
Dukes of Hazzard, The        Coleco - CBS19845631
Evolution          Sydney Development Co.19835841
Facemaker        Spinnaker Software19834531
Fathom        Imagic19834641
Flipper Slipper        Spectravideo19836731
Fortune Builder          Coleco - CBS19845661
Fraction Fever        Spinnaker Software19834531
Frantic Freddy        Spectravideo19835751
Frenzy        Coleco - CBS19832581
Frogger          Parker Brothers19834651
Frogger II: Threeedeep!        Parker Brothers19845741
Front Line        Coleco - CBS19832571
Galaxian        Atarisoft19835751
Gateway to Apshai        Epyx19844561
Gorf        Coleco - CBS19832461
Gust Buster        Sunrise Software19835761
Gyruss        Parker Brothers19844651
H.E.R.O.        Activision19844591
Heist, The          Micro Fun19834551
Illusions        Coleco - CBS19845631
It's Only Rock'n Roll          Xonox198468111
James Bond 007          Parker Brothers19844651
Jukebox        Spinnaker Software19846741
Jumpman Junior          Epyx19844581
Jungle Hunt        Atarisoft19836861
Ken Uston Blackjack-Poker        Coleco - CBS19832341
Keystone Kapers        Activision19845641
Lady Bug        Coleco - CBS19821261
Learning with Leeper        Sierra On-Line19844671
Linking Logic        Fisher-Price19845731
Logic Levels        Fisher-Price19845741
Looping        Coleco - CBS19832351
Memory Manor        Fisher-Price19845761
Meteoric Shower      Bit Corporation19847861
Miner 2049er        Micro Fun19833531
Monkey Academy        Coleco - CBS198446101
Montezuma's Revenge        Parker Brothers19845671
Moonsweeper        Imagic19833571
Motocross Racer          Xonox19846981
Mountain King        Sunrise Software19844661
Mouse Trap          Coleco - CBS19821251
Mr. Do!        Coleco - CBS19832461
Mr. Do!'s Castle        Parker Brothers19845641
Nova Blast        Imagic19833571
Oil's Well        Sierra On-Line19845851
Omega Race        Coleco - CBS19832461
One on One Basketball        Micro Fun19846841
Pepper II        Coleco - CBS19831291
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns        Activision19844631
Pitfall!        Activision19832551
Pitstop        Epyx19833491
Popeye        Parker Brothers19832351
Q*bert          Parker Brothers19831361
Q*bert's Qubes        Parker Brothers19846831
Quest for Quintana Roo        Sunrise Software19835781
River Raid        Activision19842571
Robin Hood        Xonox19846841
Roc'n Rope        Coleco - CBS19843581
Rock'n Bolt        Telegames1984101071
Rocky: Super Action Boxing        Coleco - CBS19832561
Rolloverture        Sunrise Software19836741
Root Beer Tapper        Coleco - CBS19843581
Sammy Lightfoot        Sierra On-Line19838951
Sector Alpha        Spectravideo19837981
Sewer Sam        Interphase19845791
Sir Lancelot        Xonox19836881
Skiing        Telegames19867891
Slither        Coleco - CBS19832241
Slurpy        Xonox19848961
Smurf Paint'n Play Workshop        Coleco - CBS19845781
Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle        Coleco - CBS19821291
Space Fury        Coleco - CBS19832391
Space Panic        Coleco - CBS19832351
Spectron        Spectravideo19836841
Spy Hunter        Coleco - CBS198457141
Squish 'Em Featuring Sam          Interphase19844561
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator        Coleco - CBS19844691
Star Wars: The Arcade Game        Parker Brothers19844661
Strike It        Telegames19867851
Subroc        Coleco - CBS19832471
Super Action Baseball          Coleco - CBS19832251
Super Action Football          Coleco - CBS19842461
Super Action Football (Soccer)        Coleco - CBS19847981
Super Cobra        Parker Brothers19834561
Super Cross Force      Spectravideo19835751
Super Sketch - Sketch Master        Practical Peripherals19849951
Tank Wars        Telegames19868971
Tarzan        Coleco - CBS198425101
Telly Turtle        Coleco - CBS19844661
Threshold        Sierra On-Line19836791
Time Pilot        Coleco - CBS19832371
Tomarc the Barbarian        Xonox19847951
Tournament Tennis        Imagic19847961
Turbo        Coleco - CBS19822271
Tutankham          Parker Brothers19834591
Up'n Down        Coleco - CBS19847881
Venture        Coleco - CBS19821251
Victory        Coleco - CBS19831261
War Room        Probe 200019833681
WarGames          Coleco - CBS198435141
Wing War          Imagic19836781
Wiz Math, The Wizard of Id's        Sierra On-Line19848971
Word Feud        Xonox19847941
Zaxxon        Coleco - CBS19821251
Zenji        Activision19845671