Atarimax Ultimate SD Multi-Cart

AtariMax CartrdigeThe Colecovision Ultimate SD cartridge is an SD card based multi-cart for your Colecovision game system.
The Ultimate SD is the most advanced cartridge ever produced for the Colecovision and includes a 50 MIPS onboard CPU, advanced upgradable hardware logic, 512KB of SRAM and 128KB of block flash.The Ultimate SD Cartridge supports the following Colecovision ROM formats:

  • All standard 32K or less ROM images.

  • MEGA-CART Bank-switched ROM images up to 512KB (Mario Bros, Pac-Man Collection, etc)

  • Lord of the Dungeon (Including NVRAM with automatic save to SD card!)

  • New modes including the Hybrid 512KB full Read/Write 8k/8k Bank-switching mode

The bank switching logic, CPU firmware, boot flash and menu software are all 100% field upgradable by just placing new files on the SD card and turning on the system!
To read more about the capabilities of the cartridge and the menu software, please check out the documentation below the ordering page and visit the discussion forums also linked below.

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Please note that all legacy ROMs within the archive are from the CV ROM Update project!

Complete ROM archive of Colecovision for the AtariMAX multicart.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (4.98 MB)  (Last Updated December 27, 2022.)

It contains 312 ROMs! Please read the "readme.txt" inside the archive.

MD5 Hash: 6526dd19dfdfdea32645046ecbcb0373

Last 10 rom files added
Asteroids - December, 2022
Star Castle - December, 2022
Moon Patrol - April, 2022
Turmoil 2022 - March, 2022
Crazy Climber Redux - March, 2022
Neuras - February, 2022
Impetus - February, 2022
Bootskell - February, 2022
Aerial - February, 2022
Lift - February, 2022