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Total Titles in database: 17

Description: These are the homebrew titles that only a ROM files were released. No box art, no fancy labels. Just a file!


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All Legacy (1982-86) Homebrew (1996-Present) Homebrew ROM Only (1996-Present) Prototype Educational

Name Publisher Size (KB) Year Rarity LooseRarity In Box Screenshots Videos
Name Publisher Year Size (KB) Rarity LooseRarity In Box Screenshots Videos
Arno Dash      Under4MHZ322021--40
Astrostorm      AnalogKid282021--30
Diamond Dash 2      Under4MHZ322021--40
Frog Feast      Unknown212007--30
Klondike Solitaire      Under4MHZ322021--60
Mahjong Solitaire      Under4MHZ322021--40
Minesweeper      Under4MHZ132021--40
Missle Strike      AnalogKid272021--40
Pegged      Under4MHZ322021--30
Pillars      Under4MHZ322021--40
Pitman      Under4MHZ322021--40
Shifted      Revival Studios-2014--20
Snake      Under4MHZ142021--40
Super Space Acer        Mike Brent1282011--31
Vexed      Under4MHZ322021--40
Waterville Rescue        Mike Brent322009--31
Winky Trap        Collectorvision Games162007--30