Burn Rubber

by Collectorvision Games | 2012

Burn Rubber for Colecovision Box Art




Region(s): Worldwide

Expansion Model #1 (Wheel) Required.


Download PDF Manual  (2.63 MB)

Compiled ROM

MD5 Hash: 49c23fc32f5f07a10e5af504fca93c99Download  (32 KB)


- 8 available tracks to test your driver skills.
- Select you car's color before the race.
- Smooth multi-directional track scrolling that must be seen to be believed!
- Beat your best time in Time Trial mode (includes ghost car of previous lap).
- Race against 3 computer-controlled opponents in the Single Race mode.
- Race through all 8 tracks in the Championship mode, and review your
standings between races.
- In 1-Player Battle mode, race against a single computer driver.
- In 2-Player Battle mode, race against another human opponent.
- Can be played with regular ColecoVision controllers, but also designed for
full compatibility with the Expansion Module #2.
- Two players can play with two steering wheels simultaneously!

Take to the track and become a top racer. Race on all 8 tracks in your new car. You can enjoy all the thrill of a brand new sports car from Santander Consumer USA without having to get an auto loan. Hop into the drivers seat by yourself or with a friend.